Is It Time to Rethink Customer Experience?

During the pandemic, consumers have had to increase their purchase of goods and services online, and an overwhelming majority (80%) plan to continue shopping online in the future. As organizations adjust to this new digital purchasing reality, they are having to re-assess their customer experience efforts.  A recent report by Accenture suggests that organizations need to approach CX in a more holistic way. They need to think about the business of experience to stimulate new growth.



In his incisive two-part blog series, Pierre Leroux, Marketing Director at Dassault Systèmes, reviews the main trends acting as catalysts for the evolution of the customer experience into a business experience, and the key approaches recommended by Accenture to become a veritable business experience company – preferably with a business and innovation platformat its heart.


Three main trends are reinventing the customer experience today:

  • Customer expectations are now shaped by best experiences across all industries
  • Great customer experiences have become mainstream and standardized, making it harder to

stand out

  • Customer experience is just as important as company purpose for making purchasing decisions,

especially among younger consumers (aged 18-39)


The four key approches that can help an organization become a business experience company include:

  • Constantly focus on meeting new and evolving customer needs
  • Turn customer experience innovation into an everyday habit
  • Expand the experience remit across the organization
  • Sync the tech, data and human agendas


With a platform like the 3DEXPERIENCE, companies can quickly align technologies, tools, data and processes in a single source of truth that makes it easy to innovate in entirely new ways:


  • Channel customer enthusiasm and initiate co-creation activities
  • Unite the entire organization around a business experience
  • Change the way business is conducted into the future



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