Scientific Intelligence Speeds Innovation in Pharma and Biotech: Discover New Assets from NETVIBES-EXALEAD and BIOVIA

By connecting people, aggregating data from across systems, and adding a scientifically aware search and analytics layer on top, Scientific Intelligence delivers insights pharmaceutical and biotech companies can use to accelerate innovation.

Powered by NETVIBES-EXALEAD and BIOVIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Scientific Intelligence ensures real-time, on-demand access to existing scientific and experimental knowledge, to help researchers save time, increase agility and discover new breakthroughs faster. The solution combines dashboards, for easy interpretation of trial results, with search and real-time analytcs to keep all relevant data at users’ fingertips. Add in machine learning and AI to automatically deliver timely and actionable insights, along with collaborative tools so team members can share expertise and standardize best practices across teams.

Discover Scientific Intelligence with these new assets:


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