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Find the best part at the best price for every project. PartSupply Enterprise on 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace empowers engineers, designers and procurement leaders to define a custom catalog of sourceable components, using in-house parts or 700+ preferred suppliers. Through the power of AI, semantic search, and 3D analysis, users can immediately find any part, configure it, source it and insert it directly into your CATIA or SOLIDWORKS design environment with one click.

Watch our new demo video to see PartSupply Enterprise in action.


Empower your designers with strategic sourcing and standardization:

  • Build your ecosystem of supplier catalogs and select your preferred suppliers.
  • Gather your in-house components. PartSupply automatically extracts all necessary data.
  • With your custom ecosystem of in-house and preferred external content, filter on in-house or external. Compare 3D part similarity and properties side-by-side. Visualize your new component.
  • Empower your designers with an optimized catalog of standardized components at their fingertips.
  • Open PartSupply directly in CATIA or SOLIDWORKS. Once you have selected the right component to reuse, insert it into your assembly with one click.

3 Key Benefits:

  1. Sourcing strategy convergence when building your ecosystem of suppliers
  2. Enable standardization strategy while declaring preferred in-house components
  3. Optimized in-house and sourceable components at your designers’ fingertips


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