DEMO | Smart Component Sourcing with PartSupply Marketplace and SOLIDWORKS

Define your own catalog of sourceable components for engineering and design, using PartSupply Marketplace, accessible directly through SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Choose from tens of millions of parts from more than 700 suppliers around the globe. Evaluate technical specifications, test the 3D part in your assembly, and quickly secure the right part for every project at the best price.

Watch the video demo below to see PartSupply Marketplace in action:


First, select your preferred service providers from hundreds of providers qualified by Dassault Systèmes. Use semantic text to navigate into the catalog to select all available components or just a selection to be used by your team.

Then, import your own enterprise in-house components, using PartSupply Edge Agent. PartSupply automatically extracts all the necessary information to efficiently organize this content, including dimensions and descriptions.

Your designers can access in-house and preferred external components. The catalog manager can enforce the usage of the right sourceable content at the level of the engineering department.

From the platform, users can collaborate with the catalog manager and suggest additional content from the PartSupply community to be added to your standard part catalog. The catalog manager then receives a notification and can decide whether to approve the new suggested supplier.

PartSupply enables businesses to intelligently source 3D content. Take, for example, this 3D jigsaw model in SOLIDWORKS, which requires an electric motor:

PartSupply Marketplace in SOLIDWORKS demo

Through PartSupply, accessible directly through SOLIDWORKS, users can easily narrow down the parts they are looking for through supplier catalogs and component categories. The power of semantic and 3D similarity search allows users to quickly find corresponding parts. Users can also compare components and analyze their detailed information to decide which part best fits their needs.

Once the right parts are identified and properly configured, they are inserted within the SOLIDWORKS design environment with one click.


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