Make the Best Part Sourcing Decisions

Standardizing, reusing and reducing parts can significantly cut costs and project timelines for manufacturers. The key is to aggregate and analyze all the data that Procurement needs in order to drive the best decisions.

  • Is your Procurement department capable of identifying part standardization opportunities across programs?
  • Are you confident that your company is making the best make or buy decisions every day? Do you have immediate access to all the data you need to make the best choices?

With EXALEAD OnePart on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enterprises use powerful machine learning models and deep learning intelligence to compare, categorize and standardize legacy parts across programs, sites and sources. Procurement leaders can easily implement a standardization policy and ensure large-scale reuse by pushing standards to engineers through CAD tools, thereby making reuse standards obvious and continually updated. Maximize volumes of fewer parts with strategic suppliers. Monitor compliance with your company’s standardization policy by automatically identifying new parts and proposing classification or alerts on reuse possibilities.

3DEXPERIENCE Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence arms Procurement with access to internal legacy data and the PartSupply external parts catalogue (with 100+ million parts available), empowering leaders to negotiate the right deal with suppliers and always choose the best make or buy decisions. Analyze engineering data, 3D models and sourcing information to identify parts suitable for bulk purchases and negotiate volume discounts.

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