Cognitive Insights to Boost Product Quality and Asset Performance – Part 5/5

The high rewards of continuous quality improvement

Quality issues cost manufacturers enormous sums of money every year. Sometimes, they even cost them their business. But there is hope for more effective management of quality risks and costs thanks to advances in big data management technologies and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What’s more, these technologies, as represented by the EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence solution, have the potential to transform quality management from a simple risk mitigation activity into a strategic tool for driving operational excellence and product innovation.

The usage and performance data and insights can also be channeled to service partners so they can optimize their support offerings, or shared with distributors so they can make timely offers of maintenance supplies, and pitch product upgrades or replacements at an opportune time.

As the body of insights grows, new and better approaches to design and value chain management can be developed as well, and inventory levels, service level agreements, and service offerings optimized for parts and brands.


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