Optimize Reuse and Sourcing of Cross-Program Parts

In today’s global marketplace, reorganizations, mergers, multinational projects, and innovation are all opportunities to create new product parts across multiple automotive programs. Further pressure for product differentiation and customization leaves manufacturers vulnerable to snowballing complexity accompanied by proliferating parts and components.

These trends are not going away. Inevitably, they result in growing part references in the company catalog and corresponding increased costs to design, manufacture, test, source, and store the parts. Consolidating an optimized catalog can be a headache that often consumes company resources without a satisfactory outcome.

EXALEAD OnePart applications provide the sourcing and standardization intelligence you need to quickly:

  • Streamline the parts catalog
  • Prevent part proliferation by deploying a company-wide part standardization policy
  • Reuse existing parts
  • Find the right standard parts to purchase

Download the “Optimize Reuse and Sourcing of Cross-Program Parts” white paper now to learn how to manage complexity with OnePart, solutions for quickly automating part standardization, optimizing sourcing, and increasing reuse. 

EXALEAD OnePart is integrated into the Dassault Systèmes Bid to Win solution for automotive suppliers. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Bid to Win helps win new opportunities, design to value and deliver on target.