Self-service apps are the future of the customer experience


In customer experience field, customers are increasingly “taking back the power”. The goal of encouraging them to do so is obviously to create and win their loyalty. Thanks to an easier relationship with less management, firms are betting on customers to consolidate their strategy.

What could they develop to make customers’ lives and easier and thus increase retention?

The future must be in self-service apps.

Self-service means time management of the relationship with the brand, by the client himself. For example, in our grocery stores, we already do our buying by ourselves, self-service checkouts are multiplying.

In services, a self-service app may exist soon. We have to imagine apps which allow customers to manage – almost – totally their relationship. Simplicity is primordial.

Simplifying the customer’s journey is a bonus for the client – a need for the brand. By offering this kind of app, the firm let its customers manage the relationship by themselves.

For both partiess, it represents time savings. Call centers will be less saturated, clients can easily resolve their issues. Frustration is avoided.

It is already possible for the app to follow the customer history, to visualize bills and to reach customer support.

Yet, the app has to go further.

With the self-service app, it will be possible to contact directly customer support; it will integrate social network exchanges and accounts. It will be unavoidable, as it will allow customers to cireatly access bargains. It will even make recommendations: new products and friendly prices, exclusively.

For the customer, it is the promise of a personalized experience, continuously nourished and simplified. For the firm: lower operational costs and more time available, particularly in brick and mortar shops. It is time to take the plunge.