Build customer interaction for tomorrow



In this start to the New Year, EXALEAD would like to share its convictions regarding the potential for improvement in the field of customer interaction, especially in customer experience.

American start-ups are creating more and more buzz about their capitalization/development.

When we think about interaction, the first things which come in mind are Uber, AirBnb, online banks and every service where the customer don’t have to connect with an intermediate.

Why are they growing so fast?

The answer is simple. They decided to make customer interaction a priority available via the Web and easy-to-use applications. The decreased time and cost sped up their entry into established markets.

How do they stay competitive?

First of all, they have to communicate with agility inside the company. When you have numerous colleagues, all specialized in a particular function, the silos have to break down. Nothing can be accomplished without efficient cooperation between teams. The aim: transform internal processes and then boost customer interaction.

Next, external communication, headed by the customer. Each firm has to know its clients in order to respond to their needs. The first step was to develop Big Data technologies. Today we have to go further: create a real 360° view of the customer by enriching data. It’s the only way to answer customer challenges, especially in the multi-channel era.

Multi-channel management isn’t an option. Every organization has to receive and understand diverse messages, regardless of their origins.

In these interactions, the business model itself is evolving. By changing the way they interact with customers, certain enterprises have changed their offer, their value proposition, and other factors. To stay competitive, many enterprises will have to offer new services and invest in customer interaction or risk becoming outdated.

For example, mobile applications are growing in the insurance sector, improving communication and innovation.

Until now, information systems have answered organizational challenges. Today they have become the way to anticipate customer and business needs. In certain industries, they’ve become a key strategic component. These systems and software help make customer interaction easier. But most important: Never forget to keep the customer at the heart of communication.

Benoît Bourdé

EXALEAD OneCall Offer Manager