EXALEAD Data Intelligence Transforms Your Business
Nov 12th 7:00 to 8:15 am

Morgan Zimmermann, VP SALES EXALEAD Dassault Systèmes, will present data challenges faced by organizations and the way EXALEAD solutions empower them to overtake the future.

MorganCompanies today are challenged not only by data that are numerous, heterogeneous, and piling up quickly. They also want to cross-reference data to add value and new services for their customers…
thus going one step further to transform their business.

EXALEAD can help in 4 primary domains:

  • Customer Interaction
    Aggregate, visualize, and analyze information to better know and engage with customers
  • Digital Assets
    Reveal existing information spread throughout the enterprise, capitalize on and reuse it
  • Big Data Applications
    Compile, analyze, and uncover the value of system-generated data to create new services
  • Web Mining
    Reveal the hidden information intelligence in unstructured Internet data

EXALEAD answers these challenges and delivers personalized or packaged applications, transforming Big Data into real enterprise benefits.

Then Morgan will focus on two types of applications:

  • PLM analytics based on CloudView to make sense of the invisible for smart operational decision-making;
  • EXALEAD OnePart to find, reuse and reduce existing parts, 2D/3D designs and related documentation.

He will demonstrate the high-performance indexation and treatment through use cases, and show the indisputable ROI of these solutions and how they could change the game for IT departments and the entire organization.