Improving Customer Satisfaction with a Customer Engagement Application

In order to stay competitive, companies in all industries are eager to engage customers via personalized service.  A 360-degree view of the customer is critical for contact center and frontline sales agents.  Whether they need to answer questions or make sales propositions, the more information they have, and the better they’re able to access it, the faster and more effectively they’re able to serve their customers and prospects.

This information is often stored in many different locations and formats around the company.  A rapid solution for managing multi-source Big Data is essential for real-time intelligent discovery and analytics.  Powered by CloudView, EXALEAD OneCall complements existing CRM systems.  With Web-friendly usability, training time is lowered and agent turnover improves.  At the same time, OneCall increases first-call resolution rates while decreasing call length to boost agent productivity.  Clearly, these efficiencies all lead to increased customer loyalty and, thus, retention and sales.

When French complementary insurance provider Eovi Mcd mutuelle wanted to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of its customer service agents interacting with members and prospects via telephone, it called upon EXALEAD OneCall.  In this case study, you’ll learn why Eovi Mcd mutuelle chose OneCall and how the solution will help achieve its business growth objectives.