Paris the Great Saga – Dassault Systèmes tells a fascinating transmedia story: the history of Paris

Fascinating Paris

Paris,City of Lights, is the most visited capital in the world. It’s is with no doubt the most celebrated in literature, paintings, photography, songs, movies in the whole world. Each of our customers has or probably will visit the magic city at some point :-). To tell its story, its history, it was necessary to be more than innovative. A challenge that Dassault Systèmes raised thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, able to adapt automatically to any available device: light and quick on the internet, rich and immersive in virtual reality systems, tactile on museum or exhibition displays, educative in documentaries.

The old Paris brought back to Life thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ 3D 

Raising new questions and hypotheses, visualize and test them, and helping the Research to move forward: this is exactly what motivated us to reconstruct Paris at different periods in time. The goal is to propose virtual universes that would be helpful to the historic Researchers and teachers, as well as spectacular and interesting to the general public.

All the sources have been exploited: plans and elevations, pictures, texts, archeological findings, but also other constructions from the same period when no other documentation was available. Each step of the reconstitution was verified and validated with history experts.

The main challenge was to respect the scientific and architectural accuracy, while promoting high quality content and rendering, so that the interactive visits are enjoyable and aesthetic. Each monument and its surroundings at a certain period necessitated many months of work.

Interactive 3D and virtual reality at the core of an ambitious multimedia operation

After the launch of its multiplatform 3D experience dedicated to the reconstitution of the Giza plateau, in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Harvard University (, released in May 2012), 3DS now provide its know-how and technologies at the service of Paris’ history: in partnership with the production company GEDEON PROGRAMMES and the discoveries channel PLANETE+, we were able to develop a fantastic fictional documentary: PARIS, THE GREAT SAGA.

3DS teams have indeed worked for months with a history committee composed of specialists of the capital under the supervision of Didier Busson, history expert and archeologist of Paris city. Thus, the most emblematic monuments have been reconstituted in interactive and immersive environments.

From this ambitious project, which necessitated more than 2 years of work, was born an interactive and immersive 3D experience that we can deploy in a multi-platform PARIS 3D SAGA operation:

  • A 90 minutes documentary broadcasted on Planète+ « Paris, the great saga » (October 1st at 8.45pm) with many « real-time » shootings in the virtual world created by 3DS.
  • 4 épisodes of 52 minutes broadcasted on Planète+ « Paris, a capital story » (Octobre 2nd and 9th at 8.45pm): a more detailed journey with the analysis of each period, based on interactive reconstitutions of 3DS. Co-production Gédéon Programmes, Planète+ and  Dassault Systèmes.
  • A unique interactive and immersive event on « le parvis de l’hôtel de ville » in Paris (Saturday the 29th of September at 9pm): where virtual reality meets the general public! An immersive and interactive projection at 180° on 9 giant (10 meters) screens, animated by Jean-Marc Levy, Director of the Carnavalet Museum. Co-production DASSAULT SYSTEMES, CANALSAT, PLANETE+, GEDEON PROGRAMMES, in partnership with la Ville de Paris and the Carnavalet Museum.
  • A dedicated internet website with the interactive 3D real-time visit of the monuments at key periods (to be launched on September 29th): visitors will be able to freely navigate in real-time and discover the construction of major monuments (Notre Dame – Bastille – Louvre – Tour Eiffel…) at key periods (Gallo-roman – Middle Ages – World’s Fair…). This website will then evolve with new content and monuments. Conceived and realized by 3DS.
  • A free iPad application (from September 29th) in addition to the website: interactive navigation into the capital history (3D visits 360°, extracts of documentaries, experts interviews, …). Co-production DASSAULT SYSTEMES, GEDEON PROGRAMMES et PLANETE+.
  • A book produced by Flammarion (launched October 3) with the monuments in augmented reality, conceived by 3DS. The fantastic History of Paris is for the first time proposed in augmented reality and 3D, thanks to the stereoscopic pictures provided. Produced by Flammarion.

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