Webinar "Reveal Customer Intelligence with ii for Frontlines application"

Wednesday 11 July 2012 – 2PM – 3PM (UTC/GMT)

Discover how you can empower your frontline staff to instantly boost customer satisfaction and sales simply by adding an agile front-end to your existing information systems.

Exalead Webinar
It’s a well-known secret. In spite of the lofty promises of CRM vendors, most sales and service organizations continue to experience undesirable levels of dissatisfaction and churn on the part of both customers and staff, as well as failing short of their full revenue potential.

In this webinar, join speaker Benoît Bourdé to learn how organizations like La Poste, Lagardère and Jaspersoft are using EXALEAD technology to break through these challenges and fulfill the promise of their CRM investments. Deployed rapidly and non-intrusively as an agile front end to existing systems, EXALEAD ii for Frontlines automatically:

– Gathers and organizes information organization-wide in real-time using advanced semantic technology
– Generates 360° customer profiles complete with interaction timelines
– Produces real-time, cross-silo reporting on global KPIs
– Delivers an intuitive interface that shields workers from the complexity of underlying systems while still delivering seamless workflow integration


On the Agenda:

– The 360° customer service challenge
– The search-based application approach
– The ii for Frontlines application
– Value for end users, business managers and IT
– Product demonstration

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.