Webinar "Announcing V6R2013 EXALEAD CloudView"

Thursday 5 July 2012 – 2PM – 3PM (UTC/GMT)

Redefining the ways in which we understand and use business information, even reshaping the boundaries of what constitutes “business information” today.

Exalead Webinar
Already the industry’s top platform for Search-Based Applications (SBAs), CloudView has been rewritten from the ground up to support next-generation commercial and custom SBAs that reverse the conventional paradigm of “people accessing data” to “information intelligence” revealing itself to users.

What this means is V6R2013 EXALEAD CloudView breaks new ground in the efficacy with which it can hide the scale, complexity and obscurity of today’s Big Data information landscape in order to deliver to real people in real time exactly the information they need in their unique context.

To understand the evolutions in V6R2013 EXALEAD CloudView behind these new capabilities, and by extension to better understand the broader revolution underway in the world of data management, we invite you to join Sébastien Brossolasco, EXALEAD Product Manager, for an informative look under the hood of V6R2013 EXALEAD CloudView (Version 6 Release 2013).


On the Agenda:

EXALEAD CloudView Core Components
– EXALEAD Connectivity
– Semantic Factory
– CloudView Index
– EXALEAD Mash-Up Builder

Key V6R2013 Highlights
– Big Data Performance & Universal Connectivity
– Next-Generation Analytical Capabilities & Tools
– Rapid Business-oriented Application Development Accelerators

Migration & Support Plan

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.