A “real” demo: building of a SBA in 10 minutes

Most of the time, business software demos are not completely honest; editing often skips a few steps considered “uninteresting” for the viewer. But today, we’d like to share with you an unedited version of a special challenge we posed to one of our engineers: can you build a search-based application in only 10 minutes, live, with two hundred people watching? Our brave engineer took on the challenge, tackling an A to Z process with the clock ticking, including connectivity setup, data extraction, indexing, search results configuration and user experience creation with our Mashup Builder.

In this challenge, he built an SBA for reporting & analytics on the coffee market. Amusing choice as you will see there’s no need for caffeine to easily and rapidly create an application with EXALEAD CloudView! All the actions are performed through dedicated graphic interfaces, designed to deliver a unique user experience, free of file editing, XML and obscure commands.

For those of you new to SBAs, you’ll note the app goes far beyond the realm of “classic” search. It’s an example of the way CloudView’s advanced semantic capabilities, great calculation features, performance and scalability are being used to create high-value user experiences ideally suited to the challenges and opportunities of today’s Big Data world.