Exalead's first two Dataconnexions projects

As you know by now, Exalead is a “Gold Host” partner in the French government program Dataconnexions, a Community of Innovation. In its role as a Gold Host, Exalead is offering an incubation program* for innovative French startups that want to develop and market new applications based on public data.

Exalead picks two projects during the first Dataconnexions competition: Data Santé, the citizens’ public health guide, and Yakwala, a tool that aggregates hyperlocal information and displays it in map or timeline format.

Data Santé

The goal of the Data Santé project is to make public health data available (institutions, authorized healthcare providers, availability of social and medical-social services, educational disciplines, etc.) in order to bolster the efficiency of the healthcare sector.
The application is a platform for services: D-data santé. This is designed for the general public, healthcare professionals, communities and advertisers.
The D-data santé guide will be accessible through its own website, but also through the sites of participating local communities. These clients will have their own dedicated space in the form of an open source, online Health Portal, which will display data specific to each commune, department, region, metropolitan area, etc.
Mobile applications will also be developed.
The public and health professionals will be able to access this data at no cost. Custom payment plans will be offered to communities, allowing them to choose the information they are interested in, such as “healthcare quality and provider demographics,” which would increase visibility for healthcare services and assist in decision-making, or annual healthcare reports containing benchmarks.
The team members brought together for the D-Data Santé project have a wide range of skills, and were recruited through the Décision Publique consulting company and its partners.


Yakwala offers a tool that aggregates hyperlocal data and delivers it in map or timeline format (as on social networks). To achieve this, Yakwala is working on implementing information services for the general public while, at the same time, providing a platform that will drive clients to local businesses and services. So Yakwala is both a tool that provides a public service, and a tool to assist local players (businesses, government bodies, merchants, etc).
The project is built around the hyperlocal concept: unlike classic local information, which is delivered to the user based on geography, with Yakwala, the user is the starting point. Whether users are at home or on the road, in the city or out in the country, Yakwala tries to deliver relevant local information based on where they are at a given moment, when they perform their search, and, when possible, their preferences.
Yakwala is the product of a perfect storm: the hyperlocal market needs to be better defined, local information needs to be more visible, and the release of public data in France provides an opportunity for those who wish to offer new services to local stakeholders. Yakwala came to be when a journalist got together with some web experts.

Next week, we’ll take a closer look at Yakwala in an interview with Yakwala co-founder Julien Le Bot . The following week, we’ll bring you an interview with Benjamin Rivalland, Project Manager for the Data Santé project.

*After analyzing a candidate’s dossier, Exalead will offer selected Dataconnexions start-ups free access to Exalead CloudView for two-years — or until the completion of the first phase of funding — as well as training and technical support. This offer will be extended as a commercial offer specifically adapted for start-ups.