Guys Who Love Big Data, Part 3: Sébastien

In my last two posts, I spoke with the two team leaders in Exalead R&D’s Web Search & Analytics division: Jim Ferenczi (Web Data Mining) and Rémi Landais (Innovative User Experience). Today I’ll share my conversation with Sébastien Richard, who oversees the work of both teams.

Sébastien’s mission is to guide the development of Exalead’s WWW search engine (the world’s third largest), and all related projects that seek to leverage the innovations that spring from it to serve the needs of business, science and government.

This includes Internet (cloud-based) offerings as well as porting all appropriate innovations to the Exalead CloudView enterprise platform, which is built on the same core software as the WWW search platform.

While Sébastien relishes the challenge of working with Big Data in general, what really excites him is this fact that his Big Data challenge exists in the unique context of the Web: “The Web touches everyone, everywhere. It’s woven into every facet of our personal and professional lives. I love the centrality and the energy of it, and the fact that it gives me the chance to work simultaneously on dozens of technology fronts at a grand scale: networking, communications, distributed computing, crawling, advanced semantics, data visualization, user experience design, multimedia access, analytics, you name it.”

To learn more about what Sébastien and his team are up to, follow the happenings at WWW2012 in Lyon. There’ll be a follow-up post after that event with an inside look at a one of Exalead’s most exciting projects to date ;-).