DATACONNEXIONS : Exalead supports Open Data and the development of new uses for public data

On February 21, 2011, the French Prime Minister created the Etalab program to coordinate the release of public data by French government, and to create an Open Data platform ( to make as much data as possible freely and easily accessible to the public. Data contributors include national government organizations and, if they so desire, regional and local authorities and public and private legal professionals working in the public domain.

The site was launched on December 5th, 2011, with CloudView as its embedded search engine.

Today, as both an extension of and a continuation of its mission to support innovation and the development of the digital economy, Etalab is officially launching the “Dataconnexions” program to encourage the reuse of public data and to foster new applications based upon this data.

So it is with great enthusiasm that Exalead has chosen to leverage its technology and expertise to actively support the development of Dataconnexions, a Community of Innovation, and to help the French government succeed in its commitment to promoting Open Data. Exalead accordingly serves as a “Gold Host” partner of the Dataconnexions program.

Exalead’s role will be to actively participate in Dataconnexions in order to encourage and assist innovative French start-ups in creating, developing, and marketing new applications based on public data. The objective is clear: create dozens of projects in collaboration with both large organizations and young companies who understand that the newly available public data can inaugurate a new era of sharing, transparency, and trust between citizenry and government.

Exalead support program for start-ups:

After analyzing a candidate’s dossier, Exalead will offer selected Dataconnexions start-ups free access to Exalead CloudView for two-years — or until the completion of the first phase of funding — as well as training and technical support. This offer will be extended as a commercial offer specifically adapted for start-ups.

To learn more about Dataconnexions, and to see a full list of the program partners, please visit Etalab site.

Please contact Eric Cervantes for further information about Exalead support programm: