Exalead & Big Data: It's All About Usage

WEBINAR: Thursday, February 9, 2012 – 2PM (UTC/GMT)

Ready or not, Big Data is here. It’s real. And it’s bringing exciting new opportunities to drive innovation, ramp up productivity, and create groundbreaking new user experiences.

Exalead Webinar
Once too voluminous, variable and/or fast moving for most organizations to exploit, revolutionary technologies like search-based applications (SBAs) are now making it economically and technically feasible for organizations of all sizes and types to reap the benefits of Big Data.

In fact, Exalead SBAs have been enabling businesses to safely, easily, and cost-effectively capitalize on Big Data opportunities for years—using the information assets they already own.

To learn more about how you too can capitalize on Big Data opportunities today while positioning yourself for changes to come tomorrow, join us on February 9th for an insightful look at real-world Big Data use cases encompassing:

Sentiment analysis
Database enrichment
Exploratory analytics
Real-time operational reporting
High-impact, process-specific business applications