Webinar 'Simplify your spare parts management: Yes, there is an easier way!'

Tuesday, 24 January, 2012 – 4PM (UTC/GMT)
Join us for this historic webinar as speaker Alexandre Figuière introduces Exalead’s first vertical SBA release, the Virtual Spare Parts Manager.

Exalead Webinar
Developed in close cooperation with Exalead’s industrial clients, this innovative application helps companies rapidly break through the big challenges to accomplishing a deceptively straightforward mission: knowing their global inventory in order to deliver the right part to the right place as quickly and economically as possible.

You’ll learn how the search-based approach can help you overcome the persistent challenges to fulfilling this mission with a rapid, safe and cost-effective solution for optimizing your inventory levels and maximizing your supply chain effectiveness. It is, in effect, a simple solution to a simple mission in a highly complex world, one that can bring immediate rewards in enhanced profitability, customer satisfaction and product quality.

Specifically, you’ll learn how the Virtual Spare Parts Manager:

Employs agile semantic technologies to produce a real-time, unified view of parts data worldwide (including PLM data and supply data siloed in ERPs, databases, spreadsheets and legacy VT/mainframe apps)
Offers a simple, “Google-style” way for anyone to locate parts
Automatically generates a real-time, interactive dashboard of global KPIs
Supports alerting based on your own business rules

If you are a supply chain manager, spare parts manager, stock manager, logistics manager, production manager or general manager in an asset-intensive industry like manufacturing or utilities, you won’t want to miss this event!