Stephen E. Arnold Interviews Laurent Couillard, Exalead CEO

Stephen E. Arnold &Laurent Couillard In an interview with Stephen E. Arnold last month, Exalead CEO Laurent Couillard shared his vision for Search-Based Applications and his take on the synergies between Exalead and Dassault Systèmes. We invite you to enjoy the interview.

Along the way, you’ll discover why Arnold is convinced that “with the fast uptake of CloudView, Exalead will undergo continued rapid growth, vying with Autonomy for the role as the world’s leading enterprise information and content processing vendor.”

Excerpt :

What is your background? How did you come to the search, information access, and content processing business?

I came to Exalead from Dassault Systèmes, where I began my career as an applications engineer. My first mission there was to develop software to help our customers better design, build and test manufactured products. While this foundation in technology and innovation makes me feel at home here at Exalead, I think in particular coming at our business from the user side of the software equation is a plus.
Beginning with the company’s founders, Exalead has gathered some of the world’s best talent in server-side software development, grid computing, and natural language processing. It’s what’s enabled us to produce the industry’s top SBA platform. Now, we’ll be devoting more energy to developing packaged business applications built on this foundation. That’s a mission right up my alley. And I intend to apply all my experience in sales and partner network development to this mission as well. That’s my charge from DS: to use my dual technology/sales background to develop Exalead and to penetrate new markets with SBAs, while preserving all the qualities that make Exalead so unique in this market. I’m fortunate to be in a position to leverage the full knowledge, resources, geographical coverage and expertise of the DS group to make this happen.

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