Harnessing Linked Open Data in the Enterprise

At this year’s European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC2010) held in Vienna, Austria, Exalead shared some real world examples of putting Linked Open Data methodologies and principles to work inside the enterprise. Linked Open Data (LOD) is a broad, W3C-hosted initiative aimed at developing best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web using standard formats and protocols (URIs, RDF, HTTP, etc.).

Exalead has been exploring methods of leveraging LOD2 project results and achievements in a corporate environment as part of its participation in the LOD2 project, which is an LOD research consortium comprising experts in Semantic Web technologies, ontological engineering, machine learning, Web search, information retrieval, databases and knowledge stores.

Exalead’s LOD2 Project Director, Djalil, discussed the general architecture of Search-Based Applications, which provide an ideal infrastructure for ingesting third party and Web data encapsulated using RDF and semantic standards, and the specific SBA example of Extended Business Intelligence, which merges internal and external structured and structured data via classic index-based aggregation plus query-time data mash-ups to achieve a 360° view of a business.

He then showed how this EBI structure could be deployed around highly specific topics to develop unique platforms (cloud and private) for businesses, individuals and governments, using intelligence regarding wages in an individual company or in particular domains, sectors, regions, etc. as an example.