Exalead at the forefront of search and innovation in Europe

As a European research program funded by the European Commission, our research engineers use their expertise to collaborate with industry and academic partners and create information access systems known for their excellent performance.

Information access systems face several technical and scientific challenges, but the European Commission is focusing special attention on the search and retrieval of multimedia information. They launched a new “Networked Media” project to promote the development of new collaborative tools that can be used to find and share multimedia data both on the Web and on social networks. Exalead is partnering with industry leaders and European academics to develop two new projects under the Networked Media umbrella: I-SEARCH and GLOCAL.


The GLOCAL project is developing a system that can search photos, videos and sound recordings that correspond with particular events. This project is inspired by the idea of recreating human behavior by mimicking the way we mentally file away concepts and objects from our day-to-day lives. GLOCAL characterizes media files as the  events they represent, such as the World Cup, a wedding, election politics or natural disasters.


For more information about this project, please visit the GLOCAL project website at http://www.glocal-project.eu/. Exalead CloudView plays an integral role the GLOCAL system architecture.


The I-SEARCH project is dedicated to developing a platform to manage 2D and 3D multimedia documents. A data model will be developed that can capture the details and specifications of a 2D or 3D image or video. Then, users can more efficiently search multimedia collections using a query system instead of simple key words. For example, users can draw a chair with their mouse or upload a photo of a chair, and the system will recognize the image as a chair and then bring up similar sketches in a furniture supplier catalogue.

For more information about this project, please visit the I-SEARCH project website at http://www.isearch-project.eu/isearch/. This platform is integrated with the Exalead CloudView technology.