Inside the Dassault Systèmes Acquisition


Curious to know the reactions of the Exalead and Dassault teams now that they’d had a couple of weeks to digest the news of the acquisition?  In this series of posts, I’ll be meeting with members of both teams to gather their perspectives. We’ll begin with one of my colleagues in Marketing, Laura Wilber, and Bruno Delahaye of Dassault’s ENOVIA division. Stay tuned…

Laura – Exalead

I think the union of Exalead and Dassault offers an incredible opportunity not just for both companies, but for the search industry in general. It shows people are finally realizing search is no longer simply a text box on a web page, but rather a core infrastructure for building consumer and business applications. And I think the awareness the acquisition has raised will advance search technologies industry-wide. I know combining our expertise and resources with that of the Dassault team will have a tremendous impact on our own CloudView platform.

Laura Wilber, ExaleadAs it is, I’m already amazed at what our R&D team has accomplished in the four short years I’ve worked with Exalead. Who would have thought even five years ago that you could use a search engine to provide real-time operational reporting against massive amounts of data culled from dozens of sources—with no data warehouse?

I’m equally impressed with the unending stream of ‘conventional’ search advances the team has made:  search inside videos, image recognition, mood-based search, social search…What will happen when we put the visual language of 3D and the natural language of search together? When a core enterprise system like PLM is connected up with all other enterprise resources – even the Web? I don’t have the answers yet, but the ideas are already flying, and I’m looking forward to letting the world know what we’re up to…

Bruno – Dassault ENOVIA

Exalead is opening the horizon…

As everybody is talking about the cloud all the time, I thought I’d use another “atmospheric” analogy to describe how this addition in our portfolio is changing the game.

Bruno DiverI have been visiting many Dassault Systèmes customers in the past weeks and these discussions were usually centered around the benefits they could expect from ENOVIA cloud deployments. As soon as Exalead was added to the mix, new ideas were made possible.

Instead of deploying sourcing services centered on data already identified in their engineering bases, our customers could extend the search to CRM, ERP and even more interesting, selected suppliers’ web catalogs.

Sourcing parts or completing a BOM with metadata can now truly leverage the power of the Web and the depth of the information outside the company firewall. A true game changer and certainly a unique competitive advantage.

Beyond the extension of Search to all data sources, inside or outside enterprise firewalls, I’m excited about the ways Exalead will permit us to imagine new ways of building user interactions and interfaces.

I believe these technologies will allow us to think differently about how to build user experiences. Easier and smarter ones.

Search-Based Applications will modernize information access and give plenty of perspectives for all our brands, with a specific emphasis for ENOVIA.  Definitely a strong differentiator from our competitors.