What’s New on Our Corporate Website!

We decided to get a head start on our New Year’s resolutions by giving our Demo and Document Downloads pages a little nip and tuck.

We hope you’ll find them a bit sexier, but more importantly, we hope they will help you more easily (and more enjoyably) find the information you need on our corporate site.



Visit our revamped  page to test drive Exalead  technology directly on a number of client sites (Rightmove, ViaMichelin, Yell, Yakaz, etc.), and on technology demonstration sites developed by our Exalabs R&D team (click on ‘Exalabs’ to access Voxalead, Chromatik, Miiget and more…).

Go ahead, give our tires a kick now!



Document Downloads

We hope this redesigned page will help you quickly locate the resources you need: whitepapers, case studies, technical documentation, product sheets, etc.

Simply click on a document category to reveal the available resources. As always, we welcome your feedback!



And finally, the addition most in demand …

A Search Engine for Our Own Corporate Site!

Yes, the cobbler’s child finally has a new pair of shoes…Our team at last took a brief pause from the continual influx of client projects to add our CloudView search engine to our own corporate website.

The search field is located at the top right corner of the site. It’ll help you zoom right in on the information you’re seeking, with one click refinement of results by dynamic categories: date, file type, related terms and topics. Try it now!

Thank you Anaïs and Guillaume, our webmasters, for all your hard work!