Virtual Travel Agent with Exalead Smart Search

Exalead Smart Search for Travel And Leisure solutions

Frommer’s 20091 online travel experience survey found that “half of all travelers have struggled with poorly constructed, confusing and inaccurate websites that don’t provide them with sufficient images and information. The survey also showed that consumers were frustrated by technology-related issues such as slow downloads and broken links.”

Obviously, there is a lot of work to do making consumers’ online travel booking experiences better.

At Exalead, we see this as an opportunity for search-based applications.

Imagine if, instead of using a cumbersome search form, you could simply type “New York Giants January Home Game” and the search returned game ticket offers, associated promotions and advertising for travel, accommodation, dining and other relevant attractions.

Another example: Imagine if in the early stages of planning a scuba diving trip to Mexico, a search allowed you to see the best deals across many different Mexican resorts. In less than a second, Exalead creates navigational categories for the user to look at additional offers such as hotels that offer scuba certification, kid-friendly hotels, boat rentals, restaurant deals, spa packages, city guides or resort info.

This would significantly improve the consumer’s experience and at the same time add revenue for travel sites.

With Exalead’s Smart Search for Travel and Leisure solution, travel sites can present personalized, relevant ad placement that corresponds with a user’s stated profile as well as their site behavior. This improves conversion revenue, ad click- through revenue, and helps differentiate a travel site over its competitors.


  • Smart Search uses a user’s stated profile as well as relevant travel preferences through observing their behavior using Exalead’s Smart Search semantic processing and relevance profiling technology.
  • Smart Search processes, profiles and presents relevant promotions, advertisements, supporting information and social network content by interpreting user profiles, user queries and web page views.

At Exalead, we believe activity-centered travel arrangements will be a major step forward in making researching and booking travel online much less frustrating for consumers.

For those of you who will be attending the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit November 17 in Orlando, please come by and see our demo!