Exalead’s Voxalead Video Search Named “Most Practical” Innovation

It’s official! Exalead’s Voxalead News video search has been named “Most Practical” Innovation in ACM’s Multimedia Grand Challenge 2009.


An innovation produced by Exalead’s Exalabs research laboratory, Voxalead News lets you search for keywords inside videos, rather than simply searching limited external information like titles or descriptions. A tremendous timesaver, Voxalead further lets you jump right to the point in the video in which your search term is used! The Voxalead demonstration currently offers search in four languages (English, French, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic) across a select set of news sources.

In addition to captivating news aficionados, this ‘most practical’ innovation is capturing the attention of business professionals in sectors such as Media, Publishing, eDiscovery, Competitive Intelligence, and Social Networking and Content Sharing.

For more information, visit the Multimedia Grand Challenge 2009 Web page. You can also test drive Voxalead News and other Exalead innovations at the Exalabs site.