Exalead changes its skin!

Well, as some of you have guessed what has been cooked up and others were taken into our confidence… here it is!  The new version of our Exalead search engine, on-line today.

While concerned with promoting innovation in the web search engine sector, Exalead’s teams are proud to present you with this new version that is only the beginning of a new adventure.

Mostly based on a graphic overhaul of the engine, this version certainly provides new features and functions.  Some of these further respond to several suggestions that you have communicated to us via the Feedback space.

Among the new features and functions:

•    Auto-completion of the query, suggesting associated terms from the index that help you formulate your search


•    Associated searches, beneath the search bar, that allows you to re-launch a query in line with the preceding one,


•    Refinement by « languages » and by « country », presented in the form of a pie chart,


•    Display of thousands of images on the same search page and the repositioning of the refinement window, for an optimized presentation of results,


•    Customization tools for searches more adapted to your needs.  By clicking on the “tools” icon on the top right of the window, you can choose search refinement categories that you want to appear.


You will also notice that the sponsored links are displayed in a less intrusive manner than before, for a more comfortable read.

Rendez-vous from today forward on exalead.com/search to test it yourself!
And above all, don’t forget to send us your suggestions for improvement and discussion with other users on feedback.exalead.com!