5 questions to Stephen E. Arnold

Stephen E. Arnold, a famous analyst in the online search engine field came to our French offices last February to interview François Bourdoncle.

A few months later, he came back to our Madeleine headquarters and granted us a video interview.

He tells us about his vision of the enterprise search market – the new study he wrote for The Gilbane Group ‘Beyond Search : What to Do When Your Enterprise Search System Doesn’t Work’ has just been released. He also shares his opinion about two ExaLabs projects he tested. The first one is Voxalead (available at http://voxalead.labs.exalead.com) which is a demonstration of the Speech-To-Text technology born from the collaboration between Exalead and LIMSI (Informatics Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineer Sciences).

The second demo is an occasion for you to discover an unrealeased search project called Restminer. Focused on New York Restaurants, Restminer gives the user structured information extracted from the unstructured web -dedicated press, blog posts, restaurant reviews, directories data…- with relevant tips such as sentiments analysis coming from different sources.

Here is the whole interview.

Exalead thanks Stephen Arnold for making himself available and being so professional !

Stephen Arnold’s Website : http://arnoldit.com/
Stephen Arnold’s Weblog : http://arnoldit.com/wordpress/