Map the Web with Gephi

Innovation is a leading priority for Exalead. That is why the company often gives its support to external initiatives like this project set up by students from U.T.C. that developed Gephi, in collaboration with WebAtlas association. Gephi is an open source software under GPL3 license that enables 3D networks graphics manipulation, exploration and visualization.
What is this graphic about?
It represents a semantic analysis of the relationship between terms used on the Web to speak about Intellectual Property Rights in the French language.  Each node symbolizes a word or a group of words and each edge connects two expressions when these are co-cited in more than 120 000 web pages.  Each color refers to a “semantic cluster”, which is a bunch of words than concern the same topic.

How can I get this type of graphic?
After an extraction of related terms found on Exalead databases and a manual filtering phase, the project team receives a GDF file with ordered data.  Then, the exploitation of this file by Gephi combined with a specific algorithm leads to the data “spatialization”. Then color filters highlight different semantic clusters.

Here is one of the first demonstrations of Gephi with real-time spatialization of several keyword clusters. In this video, the blue color refers to a “genetics” cluster, orange nodes relate to terms about biology and laboratories, green ones concern words speaking about controversy in the domain of GMOs and purple nodes relate to innovation and research development in biotechnology.


Gephi – Dynamic demo from gephi on Vimeo Congratulations to the project team for this great web mapping tool!
Do not hesitate to visit the Gephi website to obtain more information and test this software.
If you are interested in this subject, you should know that the team continues to recruit.