Well, the Cat’s Out of the Bag

And by cat, I mean our North American expansion and our new product line CloudView .
In June, we appointed Paul Doscher (former CEO of open source BI leader Jaspersoft) our North American CEO.

Tuesday 23 at the Enterprise Search Summit West, Exalead announced the CloudView family of products. Available in Q4 of 2008, this family includes Cloudview OEM, Cloudview Search and Cloudview desktop.

Drowning in data…

Data exists locally on a variety of devices, behind the firewall with databases and legacy systems and outside the firewall with SaaS applications and on the Web. That’s a whole lot of data from a whole lot of different sources. Peering into this enterprise content cloud is hard work for companies that need to be able to bring together a veritable mountain of unstructured and structured data and make it actionable for faster business decisions.

Bottom line: this content cloud has created the demand across all industries for information access platforms with better connectivity, better interoperability and better scalability. Being able to expand their view into various data sources (and into structured and unstructured data) in a way that brings meaningful context and understanding (i.e. not data in a vacuum) equates to an enormous competitive advantages for any enterprise.

Of course, this requires a platform that can do several things: handle a huge amount of data, scale as the company and data pool grows and changes, and allow flexibility in customizing the solution for specific industries. The old guard search tools simply aren’t cutting it anymore in this evolving space.

170 customers worldwide and 100 million unique viewers a month means that we here at Exalead have a clear view of the emerging issues that face enterprise customers. Or perhaps put differently, we have a Cloud-y View of what companies need to stay afloat through the next wave of information access challenges.