What’s In a Name?

Ok. Two facts of life in the enterprise search space:

1) 82% of the market is frustrated with their existing search solution.

2) Catchphrases abound in this space. Attivio’s got “active intelligence.” Autonomy’s got “meaning based computing.” Every search vendor is clamoring for a slice of the enterprise search pie and working to differentiate themselves with words.

But put these two facts together, and it creates an interesting question: is there enough support behind the catchphrases to satisfy customers?

We learn what is most important in terms of product features and functionality from our customers:

– the need to easily navigate around their internal and external data for business decisions
– the need to scale to accommodate large volumes of unstructured and structured data
– the need to customize the way data is archived and tapped into to allow for maximized search efficiency

Especially as the cloud becomes more and more integral to data search, to stay relevant and up-to-speed, search vendors will need to develop search platforms that can scale for these new paradigms of information access. Kenneth Oestriech put it best <http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/652486> when he posted on his blog about external cloud-like architectures making their way into the enterprise and revolutionizing the way that the internal IT infrastructure is handled.

Given the level of dissatisfaction that seems to plague the market, and given that leading organizations want search tools that offer greater scalability and performance to reflect both the changes in how data is stored and the sheer amount of data that exists within most enterprises, it seems that all enterprise search vendors should think carefully about the legs on which their catchphrases stand. Does the product that holds up the image reflect changes in the market and the needs of customers?

Just a little food for thought…