New image search engine

Exalead Image Search has just received a major update: a new user interface and 2 billion images.

The brand new Exalead Image Search stands out for its freshness (you’ll find images from the news), and its user interface that is both simple and efficient.

Screenshot of an image search result

With Exalead Image Search:

  • save images on your hard drive in a single click
  • organize your Favorite Images your way
  • leverage your wide screen, the number of search results adapts to the biggest resolutions
  • refine your search in a click, to search only faces for instance

Exalead Image Search offers an extremely clear view of your search results: only thumbnails and sizes are displayed. Detailed information appears when your mouse hovers a thumbnail.

The right column (a.k.a Zapette) is gone, giving even more space to search results. Refinement features are displayed upon focus of the search input field.

Try Exalead Image Search.