NEW! Exalead Desktop version 4.6 now available !

Exalead one:desktop software uses Exalead search technology to find almost any type of file on your PC – mail, documents, charts, presentations, media files… With its look, this software deeply integrates within your customized interface.

Now, you can search the Web, your PC, images, Wikipedia and videos from one single entry point FOR FREE! The same way you search on, you can refine your search by date, related terms, file type, source, language, file size, sender, recipient…

Results Page.jpgNew with one:desktop 4.6 :* Intuitive navigation of search results with the Exalead web search engine interface
* Rich preview of virtually any kind of document
* A “Search and act” system: users can “act” on a retrieved document directly from the results page
* A Right Column that permits users to manage the results page: choose the categories and the order of display Preview
Do not hesitate to try this exalead one:desktop free edition and read this Quick User Guide and tell us about your user experience !The Press Release is available here.

exalead one:desktop also exists in a professional edition to search on your company’s Intranet and more. Click here for more information