Exalead : Right on target !


Exalead has been part of the server revolution, providing faster and more efficient service over the years.

This is not the first time nor the last time you will hear about our server improvements. In fact, we will be providing regular updates to address the evolution of traffic, the increase in the number of indexed pages and our improvements in service.

Here is a brief summary of the stages that have affected the life of our production center.

To begin, Exalead installed some machines in the offices of our service providers. But considering our growth, it was necessary to give them dedicated homes that did not use our equipment.

March 2005: We installed the first dedicated room with the opening of our Site 1, consisting of more than 10 machines shared in more than 6 racks. Yes, they were big machines! This allowed us to index 1 billion pages.

August 2005: We added around 30 servers to address the traffic, with the capability of indexing more than 2 billion pages.

March 2006: Then things really heated up, and we opened a second site and added more than 50 servers (10 racks) that enabled us to index more than 8 billion pages.

January 2007: As a result of the abundance of services and ideas that leave our laboratories, we had to add more servers to Site 1.

2007 to Present: Our laboratories continue to work and prepare for an upgrade to enrich our architecture, improve speed, and become more robust and efficient. But we had to add 20 machines to Site 1 in august 2007.

Since then, we have been actively working to put these improvements on line, so you can see the evolution, but this is not the calm before the storm…