QUAERO Officially Kicks Off

Quaero logoQUAERO officially launched March 17. For those who missed our earlier post, Quaero is an advanced R&D program focused on the analysis, classification and usage of digital multimedia content for professionals and consumers. This 5-year, collaborative initiative includes 24 industry and university partners, with a total budget of approximately 200 million euros (99 million in public financing from France matched by an equal contribution from project participants).

Centered around technologies for the automated treatment of text, speech, music, images and video, Quaero seeks to develop new ways of addressing information access challenges in the face of the digital revolution. The effort revolves around five axes including the digitization and enrichment of content for libraries and publishers; personalized, multi-device distribution of video; better targeting for advertising; and multimedia search for the Web via the Exalead search engine.

Quaero represents a “unique opportunity” for small French companies to advance technologies in these fields even though they do not have access to the extensive R&D resources of giants like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, states François Bourdoncle, co-founder of Exalead.