Exalead.com introduces…the "commercial filter"!

Tired of scrolling through endless sales pitches when looking for hard information on the Internet? Or, do you sometimes want to cut to the chase and shop, shop, shop? Exalead has a new feature made just for you.

The new “commercial” filter, available on the search results page under the “Site type” in the “Narrow your search” panel, lets you sort your search results by their “Commercial” or “Non commercial” nature. Click “Commercial” to bring commercial results to the top of the list, pushing non-commercial results to the bottom of the result set. Do the reverse with “Non-Commercial” to relegate commerce-related results to the bottom of the heap.

This refinement, together with all the other options available in the “Narrow your search” panel, makes it easier than ever to find exactly the content you’ve been seeking—fast!