Guide for Webmasters: Part 1, Making the Most of Your Content

Interested in improving the visibility of your site on our engine? Hopefully this series of posts will help.

First up: answers to the two most frequently posed webmaster questions:

1) Why doesn’t my site appear (or why does it only partially appear) when I do a site search (i.e., typing “site:” in the search box)?

All or part of your site may be inaccessible to our robots. Try the following to improve your performance:

2) Why doesn’t my site appear for a given keyword?

  • First, check to see that the keyword is in our index for your site. Enter the keyword in the search field, along with “” to limit the search for that keyword to just your site (replacing “” with your domain name, of course). If it is not indexed, follow the steps for question 1 above.
  • Refine the keywords in your site so they are as specific as possible. It could be the keyword you are checking is too general, and sites that larger, more relevant and/or more popular are ranking ahead of your site for that keyword.
  • Verify that the content of your site corresponds well to the keyword. It’s not enough for a keyword to simply appear, it must be integrally related to the rest of the site content.

You’ll find further info on keyword relevancy in Search Engine Optimization (SEO): More Old-School Than You Think.”

And be careful out there! Stick to keeping your content fresh and relevant for your target audience. Reverting to tricks like hidden text, duplicate content, spam link exchanges or other such tactics to improve your ranking could get you banned from our index (for more info, see “The Road to Better Site Indexing – Episode 2”).

You’ll also find general webmaster tips in our site’s help pages.