exalead one:enterprise 4.6 now available!

The release of exalead one:enterprise 4.6 offers several new enhancements that are designed to help organizations easily configure and customize business applications, including hybrid vertical search applications. In addition, exalead one:enterprise 4.6 offers new connectors for enterprise databases and a unique developer toolkit designed to easily structure unstructured data.

Also included in exalead one:enterprise 4.6 is a unique HTML extraction toolkit, which is designed to take advantage of the structural indicators that are already built-in to HTML pages. Exalead has added a variety of new features that will appeal to IT Managers and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners, including several new application programming interfaces (APIs). As a result, exalead one:enterprise can serve as a flexible platform for white box solutions.

Included is a new enterprise connector for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, allowing Microsoft users to enjoy extremely high scalability – several billions of documents – the ability to index multimedia files, enriched query processing and Exalead’s Search by Serendipity experience.

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