Exalead is the Search Engine of the Month

Every month the excellent blog AltSearchEngines updates its list of the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines (ASE), selecting one as its Search Engine of the Month (SEM). For the month of October, the honors go to Exalead!

Notes the AltSearchEngines editor:  “Exalead offers new tools that allow you to find the information you seek on the Web quicker and better, with many helpful options.…For excellence in Search, constant improvement and innovation, we feel that Exalead has demonstrated why it belongs in the SEM club on ASE!”

The post highlights some of the different types of search Exalead offers (Web, Image, Advanced Search,…), accompanying search tools (Exalead Toolbar, Desktop, …) and the new BAAGZ social search service (see our September 26th post  and the Baagz presentation video).

AltSearchEngine previously named Exalead to its Top 10 Alternative Video Search Engines. View the current Search Engine of the Month post.