New Things Algorithmic – Episode 1

Asking a search engine company how they determine content relevance (and hence page ranking) is a bit like asking Coca Cola for the recipe for its famous bubbly. The odds are pretty much nil of getting a direct reply, and what’s more, just as Coca Cola has continually tweaked its concoction over the years, so search engines are continually refining the algorithms they use to deliver the most relevant search results possible.
But, just between you and me, come what may, I’m going to lift the veil on the latest major release of the Exalead search engine: GREMLINS, which pulls together all our latest improvements in relevancy analysis.

Ingredient Number 1: A Breath of Fresh Air in Our Index
You launch a search request for “Beryl”:

  • Because you are a fan of 3D effects and you’re looking for the official site of the free Beryl software.
  • Because all your web 2.0 geek friends are up on Beryl and only by catching up on Wikipedia can you save face.
  • Because your name is Beryl, you’re an actress, and you want to be sure casting agents can find your personal page using Exalead.
  • Because you want to buy your girlfriend a pair of yellow Beryl gemstone earrings.

Whatever the purpose for your search, Exalead was designed to guide you toward the most relevant results for you. Toward this end, our all-new algorithms provide a better analysis of the pages indexed, notably our evaluation of inbound links. We’ve improved our semantic interpretation of these links as well as our analysis of the links’ evolution over time. The results of these improvements are very noticeable, especially when you search on a word associated with rather specific topics, and in particular when one or more of those topics is associated with current news and events (you don’t know Beryl??).

Next Episode:
Ingredient Number 2: Ahhh…You Understand Me.
Sebastien, Web Development Director