Experts Pick Exalead Web Search

Last week, Search Engine Land commented on PC World’s recent Search Engine Shoot Out.

Phil Bradley and Chris Sherman were surprised that Exalead wasn’t included in the round-up.

I was very surprised not to see Exalead on the listing, and when I used some of the sample queries Bertolucci used it performed very well indeed, and would certainly have been very highly placed in the final table. In fact, I could name a number of other engines that could easily have slipped into the list replacing those that simply should not have been there in the first place.

Phil Bradley also posted his list of top search engines to use based on each search engine’s strengths. For example, he notes Exalead is best if you:

  • like to see thumbnail image previews of search results
  • need to re-rank and re-order
  • don’t know how to spell what you are looking for
  • need to search for specific file formats (.txt, .pdf .doc .xls .ppt .rtf .wpd .swf)

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