Exalead becomes a “Facial Recognition Expert”

A new version of Exalead’s image search engine went online April 19th. This new version with one billion images indexed (which carried the more information out of two billion images initially indexed) and new functionalities, including some proposed by the Exalead feedbackers.

Our teams had the pleasure of collaborating with LTU Technologies, a company specializing in image recognition and searching, on one of the most exciting new features, search refinement by content type, commencing with a filter for faces.

This new « Face » filter enables you to narrow your search results to images containing faces (permitting you to more easily find close ups of your favorite stars like Brad Pitt or Monica Bellucci).

The “Content > Face” filter joins the other handy filters on the unique “Narrow Your Search” panel:

  • Size: Find the right size image for your presentation.
  • Wallpapers: Discover background images just right for your monitor’s resolution.
  • Image Color, Layout, File Type: Filter the results of your search by useful criteria such as black & white vs. color, landscape or portrait layout, or file types like JPEG, GIF or PNG.
  • Related Terms, Search within Results: Refocus your search using an automatically generated list of related keywords (“Related Terms”) or narrow your results by adding additional keywords of your own choosing (“Search within Results”).

All these options make it easier than ever to find the precise images you are seeking, whether they be stills from the first King Kong film or specific canvases from Van Gogh’s self-portraits.

All you have to do now is go forth and experiment with all the advanced image search functions, and enjoy the results. And don’t forget to try out a different background color for the viewing the images!

We hope you’ll be thoroughly pleased with this latest version of our image search, and we look forward to sharing new product enhancements with you again soon!