New on Exalead: Search Uniquely in Blogs and Forums (BETA)

Exalead has added a new function to your search refinement toolkit: the ability to narrow your results to just blogs or forums.

This new functionality will help you to:

  • Obtain the very latest information,
  • Find pertinent product information without getting lost in a sea of advertising and price comparison sites,
  • Easily access the opinions of other consumers: What is the best digital camera on the market? Where is a good bargain hotel in London? What should you expect when you’re expecting twins??
  • Discover new forums and blogs you may otherwise never have found, and much more.

Alternatively, you may choose to exclude blogs and forums from your search if these sites do not carry the type of information for which you are looking.

Bravo to our feedbackers for suggesting this feature, and to our Exalead engineers for developing the advanced classification algorithms capable of determining if a site is a blog or forum, of automatically refreshing blog and forum indexes, and of optimising the classification system to more
efficiently manage this new process.