Meet us for Lunch in Paris !

Far from the stress and daily aggravations of the workplace, come
escape with us to Place de la Madeleine for a taste of the delights of
Japan, of Italy, Lebanon… with all the Exalead team. Forget the tie and
3-piece suit: flip-flops sarongs, suntan lotion and WiFi laptops are more the nom. You thought you’d find us hunkered in our cubicles, nuking
frozen dinners in the microwave? To discover the truth about the
Exaleaders, sleuth the restaurants around Place de la Madeleine,
keeping an eye out for the suspiciously sandaled, even when it’s 10

You’ll find us at these and other local spots (walking distance from Exalead in parentheses)::

  • Bistrot (4min): La Taverne de L’Elysée
  • Lebanese (10min): Tyr
  • Japanese (10min): Higuma
  • Japanese (11min): Hokkaido
  • Self Service Flo (8min) : Terrace at Printemps
  • South-Western Brasserie (5min): Chez Papa
  • Korean (15min): Shin Jung