Spotlight on the Feedback Site

After operating quietly now for several months, it’s time to shine a light on our suggestion platform, the Exalead feedback site. Since we launched this site, the suggestions have been increasing nonstop in both number and creativity. A great big “Thank You!” to our feedbackers for your votes, comments and ideas!!

The Results to Date (.com and .fr):
• 839 Suggestions
• 10 102Comments
• 9409 Votes

Bravo to Lynk, Isa, Amaury, Yann, François, Roobre Peke, Mulot, Michael, Nacho , Symphony, mosthated, Roobre and all the others who have contributed faithfully over these past several months.

Know that EVERY suggestion posted is evaluated for possible inclusion in a pending or future product release. In fact, near of 62 of your suggestions have already been incorporated into the Exalead search engine, including the:

  • Netvibes module,
  • Translator,
  • Searchbar,
  • New logo,
  • Ability to set the number of shortcuts by line,
  • Tutorial for the new interface,
  • Exalead Blog.

Many more of your suggestions are in the development queue, so stay tuned!

The Marketing Team