Solving 5 business challenges with insights from industry leaders

Is technology holding you back or propelling you forward? Get the answers in London on May 7.


The Quintiq World Tour is stopping in London on May 7 to explore how companies can boost their market share by integrating their planning processes, people and technology. The following five business challenges will be discussed by our lineup of experts from industries including light rail, manufacturing, aviation, and oil & gas.

  1. Finding success within the constraints of a fresh food operation
  2. Making your employees and your customers happy even in the face of major planning disruptions
  3. Using big data and advanced mathematical algorithms to deliver profits
  4. Future-proofing your supply chain
  5. Standing out in increasingly commoditized industries

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business challenges with experts and peers. Network and exchange ideas with thought leaders from companies including Moy Park and eft. Be prepared to leave the Quintiq World Tour London with insights that you can start implementing immediately.

It’s all happening on May 7 in London. Hurry and confirm your free seat. Seats are limited.

Solve your planning challenges at the Quintiq World Tour

P.S. I’ll be there with my colleagues from Quintiq’s rail, aviation and manufacturing business units. See you there!

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