Efficient Warehousing (Infographic)

link to Infographic on efficiency in warehouse operationsWarehousing and logistics are critical areas of manufacturing operations, so the importance of running Lean and efficient can’t be overstated. The folks at Adattsi Induction Lighting have prepared an Infographic that highlights prudent steps to follow to maximize the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

For New warehouses, they suggest:

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Document the process
  3. Collect information and data
  4. Analyze
  5. Create a detailed project plan
  6. Implement
  7. Do a post project review

Once your facility is up and operational, the Infographic provides details on five categories of warehouse operations suitable for continuous efficiency improvement. Those categories include Labour, Operations, Equipment, Technology and Facilities Management. Manufacturers adhering to Lean manufacturing principals seek the highest levels operational efficiency, as by definition, that implies waste has been minimized.

See the full Warehouse Efficiency Infographic here.