DELMIA Communities Month in Review

Hello and Welcome to the Month in Review for July 2022!

There is a lot more than what is shown below – visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts this month. With eight active communities, you are sure to find at least one to suit your DELMIA interests.

We welcome you to connect with us, exchange and share on the DELMIA Communities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Global Operations Community

DELMIA Ortems Webinar #4 | Extract Maximum Value of Your DELMIA MOM & APS

Join our fourth episode of the DELMIA Ortems web series on September 13 and 14 (French & English session available) to break through the barriers between systems and realize closed-loop management from planning to perform through manufacturing.

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Fabrication Community

How to Import P21 cutting tools massively

Discover how to import P21 interactively or Batch by accessing relevant documents:

  • ImportCuttingResourcesFromXMLDocumentation.docx update with P21
  • Example of XML for P21 import
  • Explanation PowerPoint

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Manufacturing Operations Management Community

The 7 components to transforming Global Operations

There are clear guidelines that apply to companies based on their digital maturity. To help you understand these guidelines, we are introducing the Transformation Journey Research Series™, a step-by-step set of Research Notes.

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Planning & Optimization Community

DELMIA Quintiq 2022 Refresh2 (Core Software and Applications Release) Now Available

We are glad to announce that DELMIA Quintiq 2022 Refresh2 and DELMIA Quintiq 2021 Refresh8 are now available. Find the release highlights for DELMIA Quintiq Applications and DELMIA Quintiq Core Software.

Release highlights

Virtual Factory & Robotics Community

Factory Automation with DELMIA and SOLIDWORKS

Discover how within DELMIA, the combination of point cloud and 3D SOLIDWORKS data can quickly construct a Virtual Twin of an existing factory.

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Process Engineering Community

Virtual Build – Webinars, eBook and more!

Learn about Virtual Build by discovering a webinar series, a survey and an eBook created in collaboration with Tech Clarity. Learn more

Thank you for reading and we will see you in the DELMIA Communities!

The DELMIA Communities Team

Join our communities, blogs and forums to discuss your challenges and share tips and tricks with your peers. DELMIA provides a 3DEXPERIENCE of global production systems for all stakeholders in the extended supply chain. DELMIA User Communities are your connection to people, content, and information.

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