Encouraging agility in postal & parcel delivery


The speed and convenience of e-commerce has raised consumer expectations. When it comes to postal and express services, it’s no different. Nowadays, it is common for people to order what they need through online stores and receive the ordered goods in their homes or offices. However, a simple standard delivery is not enough anymore. They want to have the flexibility to select delivery times and collection points as well as customized options. This challenges the agility of postal and express operators’ supply chains.

Furthermore, more small innovative operators are entering the market to meet rising consumer expectations. They offer more innovative delivery options than the big players such as same-day delivery service. Although customers need to pay extra for these options, they are willing to do so because the prices seem fair to them. Some customers may wonder how smaller companies with less assets and infrastructure can cope with the complexity brought on by new innovative services. Of course, the big players are dealing with a bigger and broader supply chain complexity. Yet with a wider portfolio of services and stronger network, is it still that difficult for a big operator to answer to rising demands?

The fact is, market changes are forcing every postal and express player to (re)act. But how exactly can an operator measure up to customer expectations? One way to provide new services efficiently and meet rising demands effectively is through the power of supply chain optimization. IT solutions that are customized to the needs of operators can help transform constraints into opportunities. These solutions will help operators achieve operational efficiency and maximize the competitive advantage. How? Simply by identifying opportunities for efficiency as well as visualizing operations and networks from parcel collection to the final mile.

This is precisely what Quintiq offers. Quintiq’s postal and express solution provides planners with end-to-end planning and optimization of a postal and express company’s supply chain across all time horizons, from strategic management to day of operations.

Boost your agility with Quintiq

Agility in delivery that’s driven by Quintiq’s supply chain optimization technology

The postal and express industry is a dynamic one – cost management, resource optimization, exceptional customer service delivery and the ability to adjust quickly to market changes are vital to the industry player’s success. Watch our webinar or download our guide to get useful insights from Quiniq postal and express expert, Francois Eijgelshoven and top industry leaders. Discover the role of technology in carving new opportunities and offering new services.

If you would like to know why Quintiq is the preferred solution for many leaders in the postal and express industry, check out what Czech Post, DHL Express and TNT Express have to say.


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